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November 23

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



We have just finished the mid-term elections that have seen the Republicans win a huge majority in the House of Representatives and a majority in the Senate as well. They also have either re-elected the vast majority of their own Republican governors or elected others for the ... Read More »

November 16

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



This is a very important and exciting week for the city of Chicago and especially for the Archdiocese of Chicago, which comprises the two counties of Cook and Lake. On Tuesday of this week Most Reverend Blasé Cupich, D.D., will be installed as the new Archbishop of ... Read More »

November 9

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



On Friday, October 24, 2014, we had the privilege of being part of an event called “Heaven Cries Out for Our Children.” It was sponsored by the Office for Immigrant Affairs and Education of the Archdiocese of Chicago. The event began with a rally at the Federal ... Read More »

November 2

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



Today I offer our final reflection of a four-part series dealing with pro-life issues. This article is entitled “Healing Within Marriage from an Abortion.” Unfortunately this topic can be very apropos for anyone who has been involved in an abortion in their teenage or young adult years ... Read More »

October 26

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



Last week in the bulletin I reproduced an article dealing with the pros and cons of in vitro fertilization, which some couples look to when they find that seemingly they are infertile, yet they wish to become parents of a child. Today I offer for your reading ... Read More »

October 19

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



Last week in the bulletin I shared some initial thoughts around themes associated with October being Respect Life Month, and I said I would be publishing several other articles over the coming weeks along this line as well. Today I offer for your consideration an article entitled ... Read More »

October 12

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



The month of October has aptly been described as one of the most beautiful months of the year. Temperature wise, it is cool, but not cold. Beauty wise, the foliage in most parts of the country is exquisite: reds, yellows, shades of brown and orange that look ... Read More »

October 5

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



From time to time something extraordinary is about to happen, and the world prepares for it with anticipation and excitement. For some individuals this might be the beginning of the major league baseball playoffs, for others a mid-term election in our country, perhaps the opening of a ... Read More »

September 28

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



This coming week is one of the most joyful in the year for all of us here at St. Peter’s since on Saturday we celebrate the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi, the founder of what is now the Franciscan Order (however, we are transferring the great ... Read More »

September 21

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



The incident between Ray Rice (Baltimore Ravens running back) and his then fiancé which occurred at an Atlantic City casino last February and now very public with the release of a vivid video from an elevator in that casino has raised the issue of domestic violence once ... Read More »