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February 1

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



February 1st and the First Sunday of February often mean just one thing to millions of people around the United States—Super Bowl Sunday. Of course, the National Football League goes out of its way for weeks ahead of this date to remind us that it is coming. ... Read More »

January 25

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



As we all know, surprises can come at any time and in any place. No doubt many of you reading this bulletin have had any number of surprises just over these holidays we have recently concluded. It may have been a telephone call from someone you have ... Read More »

January 18

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



The month of January in the Church of the United States is filled with a variety of remembrances and prayer intentions. At one time the week following the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord was dedicated to praying for priestly and religious vocations, but that has ... Read More »

January 11

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



We have just finished celebrating National Migration Week (January 4-11) here in the United States with the theme, “We are One Family under God.” The celebration of National Migration Week provides an opportunity to raise awareness about the hardships faced by migrants, including children, refugees and victims ... Read More »

January 4

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



As we begin this new year of 2015, it’s a good time to think, reflect and perhaps even dream a bit about the near future. These past twelve months have been difficult: we have been dealing with the threat of ISIS and its violence, the Ebola virus ... Read More »

December 28

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



Now that Christmas has come and gone—even some families already discarding their Christmas trees and taking down their Christmas decorations—our thoughts turn toward New Year’s Eve with its many late night and midnight celebrations: in Times Square, in nightclubs and banquet halls, in fancy hotels with their ... Read More »

December 21

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



It is wonderful at Christmas time to see so many churches, agencies, and civil programs go out of their way to make sure the needy are specially taken care of at this time of the year. I wonder how many coats, hats, scarves and gloves are gathered ... Read More »

December 14

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



Last week in the bulletin I outlined the general aims of the Year of Consecrated Life proclaimed by Pope Francis and which began on the First Sunday of Advent and will continue until February 2, 2016. It is a time for the entire Church to reflect on ... Read More »

December 7

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



Pope Francis has proclaimed 2015 as The Year of Consecrated Life to begin last Sunday—the First Sunday of Advent—and to conclude on February 2, 2016—the World Day of Consecrated Life. This year also encompasses the observance of the 50th anniversaries of Perfectae Caritatis, the Second Vatican Council’s ... Read More »

November 30

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



We have just come through some of the coldest weeks ever in the month of November and most of us were probably not quite ready to endure these temperatures and the blustery winds that have accompanied them. Ready or not, we have to accept the fact that ... Read More »