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October 5

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



From time to time something extraordinary is about to happen, and the world prepares for it with anticipation and excitement. For some individuals this might be the beginning of the major league baseball playoffs, for others a mid-term election in our country, perhaps the opening of a ... Read More »

September 28

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



This coming week is one of the most joyful in the year for all of us here at St. Peter’s since on Saturday we celebrate the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi, the founder of what is now the Franciscan Order (however, we are transferring the great ... Read More »

September 21

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



The incident between Ray Rice (Baltimore Ravens running back) and his then fiancé which occurred at an Atlantic City casino last February and now very public with the release of a vivid video from an elevator in that casino has raised the issue of domestic violence once ... Read More »

September 14

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



One of the things I enjoy most about being here at St. Peter’s is the wonderful variety of people I meet on a day-to-day basis. Often someone will come up to me in the lobby and call me by name, yet I cannot remember ever having met ... Read More »

September 7

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



In the midst of a lot of bad news—murders, wars, droughts, fires, earthquakes, people losing jobs, domestic problems—it’s so good to hear good news and about uplifting occasions. Although I consider myself a real sports fan, I never really became that interested in Little League Baseball. I ... Read More »

August 31

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



Perhaps one of the most dreaded national holidays is celebrated this weekend, namely, Labor Day. Why do I say dreaded? Well, for most of us it signals what we traditionally think of as the end of summer, although this year many people wonder whether we have ever ... Read More »

August 24

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



One of the great changes in the modern papacy has come about because of the availability of international travel, especially with the advent of jet airplanes. Prior to the pontificate of Pope Paul VI, Popes seldom ventured anywhere outside Italy. In fact, most of the time they ... Read More »

August 17

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar


There is so much going on around the world at this time that it can seem overwhelming and beyond comprehension. The horrible Ebola virus in West Africa has the potential of killing thousands of people—at the time of this writing nearly 1000 have already died from this disease—and ... Read More »

August 10

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar


Mount Horeb is another name for Mount Sinai, the Mountain of God. Elijah’s experience of the presence of God on this mountain recalls Moses’ encounter with God in the same place. But they are very different experiences. While Moses’ meetings with ... Read More »

August 3

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar


In Isaiah, the Lord invites the hungry and the thirsty to eat and drink, even “you who have no money.” God is inviting them to a banquet, anticipating the messianic banquet at the end of time. This concern for the people ... Read More »