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March 15

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



Those of us who live within the city limits of Chicago are in the midst of trying to follow not only the run-off elections for a number of our aldermen but also for our next mayor. What this means is that we have an additional six weeks ... Read More »

March 8

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



We are almost halfway through Lent at this time, and that always is a good time to step back and evaluate how we have been doing. Often we start out strong about the resolutions we have made and then, as weeks pass by, we might find that ... Read More »

March 1

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



As we continue our Lenten journey, I think it is good to hear from our Universal Pastor, Pope Francis. He has written a beautiful letter to all the faithful for Lent in which he reflects on the theme, “Make your hearts firm” (James 5:8). His words and ... Read More »

February 22

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



As many of you know already, Archbishop Cupich was here at St. Peter’s on the morning of Ash Wednesday in order to do three things: to celebrate our 7:30 A.M. Mass, to assist with the distribution of blessed ashes afterwards in the St. Clare auditorium, and to ... Read More »

February 15

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



This week is special primarily because of two great events: Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday. If we were in New Orleans these days, we would have all kinds of parades that have been ushering in the season of Lent, culminating on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, Mardi ... Read More »

February 8

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



Last Sunday we had an introduction to the Annual Catholic Appeal. You know that the Annual Catholic Appeal involves a request for our financial support to sustain the many good works of the Archdiocese and its many parishes. The Annual Appeal, however, is more than a request ... Read More »

February 1

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



February 1st and the First Sunday of February often mean just one thing to millions of people around the United States—Super Bowl Sunday. Of course, the National Football League goes out of its way for weeks ahead of this date to remind us that it is coming. ... Read More »

January 25

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



As we all know, surprises can come at any time and in any place. No doubt many of you reading this bulletin have had any number of surprises just over these holidays we have recently concluded. It may have been a telephone call from someone you have ... Read More »

January 18

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



The month of January in the Church of the United States is filled with a variety of remembrances and prayer intentions. At one time the week following the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord was dedicated to praying for priestly and religious vocations, but that has ... Read More »

January 11

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



We have just finished celebrating National Migration Week (January 4-11) here in the United States with the theme, “We are One Family under God.” The celebration of National Migration Week provides an opportunity to raise awareness about the hardships faced by migrants, including children, refugees and victims ... Read More »