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May 6, 2018

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



Every year on the Fourth Sunday of Easter—Good Shepherd Sunday—we celebrate Vocations Awareness Sunday in the United States. Ordinarily I would write my article about Vocations on that Sunday, but this year the date snuck up on me, and I had already formulated my message for the ... Read More »

April 29, 2018

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



Last week I mentioned that Pope Francis had just released another Apostolic Exhortation, and this time the topic was holiness. He wanted to make sure that we were not expecting a long treatise with definitions and distinctions, nor was it meant to primarily talk about different spiritualities ... Read More »

April 22, 2018

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



A book that very early in my life made a deep impression on me was one entitled Saints Are Not Sad written by Frank Sheed (New York: Sheed & Ward, 1949). I don’t know whether this was the case or not, but I think the principal of ... Read More »

April 15, 2018

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



Last week in the bulletin I began an article about Pope Francis talking about accompaniment and what it means not only for the clergy, religious and those appointed to work as a team for the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults), but for everyone who has ... Read More »

April 8, 2018

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



Now that we have completed the week after Easter, a week designed to help us reflect upon and to absorb the reality of the Easter event and to continue welcoming all those who were baptized and made their profession of faith during the Easter Vigil, it seems ... Read More »

April 1, 2018

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



It seems that everyone looks forward to celebrating Easter, although perhaps from varying reasons. For some, Easter really signals the beginning of spring. No matter what specific date Easter falls on in a particular year, we somewhat think of it as a true transition from the doldrums ... Read More »

March 25, 2018

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



Can you believe it? We are beginning Holy Week and next Sunday is Easter. Even though we have been blessed with a relatively mild winter, we still are wondering when spring will actually arrive for good. I had to chuckle the other day when I read a ... Read More »

March 18, 2018

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



As a priest, Franciscan, disciple of Jesus, member of the Catholic Church, citizen of the United States, and a pastor, my thoughts continue to come back to the question of immigration. We are an immigrant Church, a pilgrim people on a journey of faith, hope and love. ... Read More »

March 11, 2018

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



I am writing this article on the very day that Commander Paul Bauer’s funeral was held at Nativity of Our Lord Catholic Church. I am still reeling from the horrific situation that brought him into contact with Shomari Legghette, who is a convicted armed robber, who legally ... Read More »

March 4, 2018

Posted by Jo Ann Bednar



Just before beginning this bulletin article, I finished working on my personal friar budget for the 2018-19 fiscal year for our province. Like many of you, each friar is asked to seriously consider what his proposed income will be and what he anticipates his expenses will be ... Read More »