June 12, 2022

Today the Church celebrates the great mystery of the Trinity. As we know, mystery is by definition not able to be explained fully. The Trinity has over the centuries been a mystery to believers and non-believers alike. However, through our faith and trust in revelation we have come to a deeper insight into this mystery. The Catholic Catechism for Adults offers the following explanation of this central mystery of our faith.

God is revealed as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The doctrine of the Trinity includes three truths of faith. First, the Trinity is One. We do not speak of three gods but of one God. Each of the Persons is fully God. They are a unity of Persons in one divine nature.

Second, the Divine Persons are distinct from each other. Father, Son, and Spirit are not three appearances or modes of God, but three identifiable persons, each fully God in a way distinct from the others.

Third, the Divine Persons are in relation to each other. The distinction of each is understood only in reference to the others. The Father cannot be the Father without the Son, nor can the Son be the Son without the Father. The Holy Spirit is related to the Father and the Son who both send him forth. (cf. U.S. Catholic Catechism for Adults, USCCB edition © 2006, pp.52-53)

I encourage you to obtain a copy of The Catholic Catechism for Adults and read to learn more about our faith and the Church. The Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church (popularly known as “YOUCAT”) published in 2011 is also a great source for information about the faith and Church, especially for high school, college age and adults. If you want to delve more deeply into the mystery of the Trinity, Stephen Bullivant has written a book on the Trinity. He is a lecturer in theology and ethics at St. Mary's University in London, England. His book is The Trinity: How Not To Be A Heretic. It was published in 2015.

Along with my recommendations (above) for further reading about our faith and the Church, here are a couple of other books you might find worthwhile for your summer reading.

 Augustus Tolton by Joyce Duriga. Fr. Augustus Tolton was the first African-American ordained to the priesthood in the United States. He was ordained a priest on April 26, 1886 in the basilica of St. John Lateran in Rome. Fr. Augustus was born into slavery in Missouri and escaped to Quincy, Illinois where he attended school. His vocation was supported by the Franciscan Friars in Quincy. He died in Chicago and is buried in Quincy. His cause for sainthood was begun 2010.

The American Spirit by David McCullough. In these times of great division in our country, these talks by the prominent American historian McCullough are inspiring and thought-provoking.

The Church and the Racial Divide by Bishop Edward Braxton. Bishop Braxton is the retired bishop of Belleville, Illinois. As an African-American, theologian and retired bishop this is a timely book of reflections on being Catholic in a time of racial tensions.

Broken Mary by Kevin Matthews. Matthews is a former radio personality here in Chicago who writes of his struggles in living the Catholic faith and of his return to being a practicing Catholic.

Pray for Us by Meg Hunter-Kilmer. This is a very informative and important book about many people called to sainthood that we would not ordinarily consider "saints." I encourage you to learn more about the people listed in this book.

And, if you haven't read the Bible in some time, I recommend The Holy Bible, English Standard version, Catholic Edition published by Augustine Institute, 2020. It is very readable and an updated translation of ancient texts. The Catholic Study Bible, 2nd edition published by Oxford Press in 2006 is also an excellent source for your spiritual reading.

I also encourage you to visit our St. Peter's Book & Book Shop in the lower level of the church. We have an outstanding assortment of books, cards, DVDs, religious gifts and 175th anniversary items to choose from in the store. If you are wondering what might a good spiritual book or movie, just ask one of the workers in the store. They are very knowledgeable and can offer you some recommendations for your summer reading.


This weekend, June 11-12, throughout the Archdiocese a second collection is taken up for the Priests' of the Archdiocese Health and Retirement. The funds raised help active priests as well as the medical and housing needs of retired priests of the Archdiocese. Envelopes to make a contribution will be found at the entrances to church.


Next weekend at our Masses here at St. Peter’s, Franciscans Greg Joeright and Romulo Canto, will share some of their experiences of working in the Amazon region of Northern Brazil. The region in which they work is very large and travel difficult. Due to a shortage of priests and religious in the dioceses in which the friars minister, the people of the area are also active participants in bringing the Gospel message to others. As many of you know, Br. Erlison and Br. Vagner have been with us the past few years studying to be ordained priests. Through God's grace they hope to be ordained next June, 2023 and return to work in the Amazon region with the Franciscan friars of their Custody, St. Benedict of the Amazon. Through generous assistance from the USA and Europe, the faith continues to grow in the Amazon region.  Following the guidance of Pope Francis, the friars and Catholics in the Amazon region work to preserve human, social, political and religious rights for all people

REMEMBER OUR TEMPORARY CHURCH SCHEDULE  Monday through Friday, June 13 - 17

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One Mass only at 11:40 am

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One Mass only at 11:40 am

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Our annual fund-raising Gala will return to the Union League Club on Thursday, July 14 from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm. This is our largest fund-raising event of the year and it helps keep our ministry at St. Peter's operating. You can purchase tickets for this event at the church or by visiting our website.

Fr. Michael