Director of Liturgy and Music

Gregory Ceurvorst 312-853-2412
[email protected] 

Coordinator of Liturgical Ministers
Associate Director of Liturgy and Music

James Kapellas 312-853-2418
[email protected]

Communications &  Activities Director

Jo Ann Bednar 312-853-2376
[email protected]

Programs Director

Fr. Derran Combs O.F.M. 312-372-5111

Director of Environment and Sacristan

Phil Bujnowski 312-628-1254 

Director of Public Safety

Gilbert Mathews 312-853-2334 

Business Manager

Br. Clarence Klingert O.F.M. 312-372-5111 

Young Adult Ministry

Fr. Ed Shea O.F.M. 773-892-4134