Special Events

Decision Making in the Franciscan Moral Tradition

Presented by Fr. Glenn Phillips OFM

Oct. 16-19, 12:10 pm

St. Clare Auditorium Lower Level

We have only four short periods to help our reflection on moral decision making. As individuals, we currently have decisions to weigh and make. Please bring one or two of your own along. You may have your considerations already started. [For example: What characters are involved? Are things unfolding over time? What  moral challenge do you see? What factors here are important to consider? Is there a good choice? Or even a better one?]  I trust that what you hear will help you add on to your initial reflection and awareness and goals.

 We review a model of moral reasoning and judgment which is dynamic. The model flows from the Franciscan Theological and Spiritual tradition. A beautiful Christian moral vision centers on our lifelong response to divine love; that love welcomes our human excellence and fulfillment.  How is the good life a life of virtue and prudential judgments? Can law be integrated within a larger vision well grounded in virtue, conscience, love and Gospel values?  What sources may we draw from? How do we deal with the danger of failure in the particular choices we make?