Special Events


 This year’s Advent theme for our annual lecture series is “What Are We Waiting For?”

All talks will be held Tuesdays from 12:10 to 12:50 p.m. in the St. Clare Auditorium Lower Level.

WEEK ONE November 27: “Making the First Move: Waiting for Reconciliation” - Fr. Jim Hoffman, O.F.M.

People hold on to old memories that prevent them from being reconciled with their loved ones. Christmastime is commonly understood as “family time,” but many families hold onto decades for resentment and anger.  Reconciliation can be a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone struggling in broken relationships.

 WEEK TWO December 4: “Reason for the Season: Waiting to be Filled with God’s Love.” - Fr. Ken Capalbo, O.F.M.

The Incarnation of Christ was of paramount importance to St. Francis of Assisi. Through a brief exploration of Francis’ writings and teachings we can learn much about how the Christmas crib is linked with the meaning of the cross.

WEEK THREE December 11: “Lost Love: Waiting for that Special Someone” - Fr. Robert Hutmacher, O.F.M.

Our culture dictates expectations about personal happiness; yet the search for someone special often leads to deeper loneliness and despair.  Discover how one’s search for God can foster healthy relationships. Rather than wait around for ’the perfect one', look at the Christ who already dwells within and find love and happiness.

WEEK FOUR December 18: “Humanity Is Our Business: Waiting for Joy” - Fr. Elric Sampson, O.F.M.

Inspired by the movie A Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge was reminded by Jacob Marley that “mankind is our business.”  Many physically and spiritually poor struggle to live with the absence of joy in their lives.  Christmas is an “other-centered” celebration of the multiple ways Christ is present among us, especially among the disadvantaged poor.  Maintaining a sense of joy within our hearts allows us to reach out with incarnational love to others in need.